Our Staff

Sari González



Badass Communicator and great at both conflict resolution and setting firm yet loving boundaries. Sari is a true defender of kids’ freedom, and always finds ways of advocating for their autonomy and independence. She has an amazing gift in creating intentional and conscious cultures. 

Having directed and facilitated two Agile Learning Communities (Cottonwood in NYC and Explora in Puerto Escondido, Mexico) Sari is passionate about social justice, community building, conscious parenting and equitable relationships. She works towards creating impactful and long lasting social change. She is an experienced parent coach and trainer sought out and appreciated for her clear and practical focus. She’s the mom of an 8 year old neurodivergent unschooler.  Sari is also the co-founder of Radical Learning providing parenting & unschooling support. You can check out the podcast here.

Rebecka (Becka) Koritz

Culture Keeper/Advisor

Becka is passionate about self-directed education and peaceful parenting. She is a trained and experienced teacher with an extensive and unique path within alternative education: as an ex-student in the Montessori system, co-founder of two Waldorf initiatives, and the founder of Explora, Mexico’s first Agile Learning Center.

Becka is one of Latin America’s leading voices in self-directed education and peaceful parenting. She dedicates most of her time training parents, teachers and facilitators, and creating content for families who have embraced the road of freedom for themselves and for their children. She has a neurodivergent unschooling teenager. Becka is also the co-founder of Radical Learning providing parenting & unschooling support. You can check out the podcast here

Alberto Velasco


Alberto was born in Mexico City and is a painter and sculptor fascinated by art, music and languages. Having facilitated at Explora since it’s start, Alberto has years of experience working with kids in different facets and brings to Explora a sensitivity to children’s socio-emotional development and actively works to break cycles of patriarchy and oppression. He takes joy in sharing his artistic passions with young people and has a particular interest in holding space for kids’ creative process.

Daniela Ruelas


Daniela is a native born Mexican from Mexico City, a mother of two unschoolers and a dedicated and active deschooler. A facilitator  and co-founder of Karuna ALC, Daniela has years of unique experience in the Agile Learning world. 

Daniela nurtures kids through play and active listening, and she’s a natural at building trust based, equitable relationships with kids and adults alike. She’s a committed advocate for young people’s freedom.