Explora ALC is an emergent bilingual (English/Spanish) unschooling agile learning community, committed to radically shifting the way we think about learning, education, parenting and what it means to be in relationship. We believe in deschooling and in a paradigm that exists outside of mainstream living and education. We walk to our own beat and stop to take the time to develop our inner compass, charting our own learning path within a supportive learning environment

We believe the future of education is based on choice, equity, collaboration and freedom.

We see learning as a continuous process that happens everywhere. We work to foster empowerment, curiosity, play, trust, respect, equity and autonomy in all our members. We support liberation from oppressive systems in both kids and adults through age-mixing, play, exploration, dialogue, sharing and reflection. We center connection, valuing personal choice, mutual support and the development of consent based & equitable relationships. 

Explora is for you if:

  • You are committed to the deschooling* journey. 
  • You believe that learning is a natural part of life and people have the right to determine what, when and how they learn. 
  • You believe that kids are people too! 
  • You have the courage to live your life outside of mainstream education and dominant systems. 
  • You are ready to support freedom, autonomy and choice in your kid(s), self and others.
  • You are willing to look at your fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back around learning, relationships and life.
  • You are committed to amplifying a sense of agency and social conscience in your kid(s), self and others. 
  • You want to be a participating member of an emergent radical unschooling community where we co-create our environment and care for one another.
* Deschooling is defined as “shedding the programming and habits that resulted from other people’s agency over our time, body, thoughts, and actions” – Akilah S. Richards ~ “Raising Free People”. 

What we offer:

We offer bilingual Agile Cultural Immersion Programs for unschooling, worldschooling, homeschooling, and self-directed learners, fostering autonomy and independence through free exploration and inquiry led learning.

We provide families with an Agile Learning Center experience with opportunities for learners (and parents too) to explore their interests and build long lasting relationships, pursue lifelong learning, and share the things they are passionate about.

Thanks so much for your interest in our ALC Immersion Program. The Immersion for October 2023 is at capacity. We don’t have the dates for 2024 yet, but if you want us to contact you when we do, please fill out the form below. Thank you and we look forward to the opportunity to be in community together.

Explora ALC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, or ethnic origin in administration, admission, or any associated activities.