Youth Programming


Explora is an Agile Learning Community where unschoolers of all ages can share our space as they pursue lifelong learning and share the things they are passionate about. We co-create opportunities with learners to explore their interests and build long lasting relationships:

Self-Directed Babies
(1-3 years)

Explora offers a play group using the space and materials of the center for kids ages 1-3 and their parents, who want to build community and a circle of support.

Wild and Free Kids
(4-6 years)

Explora offers an agile learning center experience fostering autonomy and independence through free play and exploration for a small group of young learners ages 4-6.

Independent Explorers
(7+ years)

Explora offers an agile learning center experience for unschooling learners ages 7+ fostering agency, autonomy and independence through free exploration of their passions and curiosities.

Workshops, Classes, and Clubs

We are always looking for ways to inspire the sharing of ideas, passions, skills and curiosities. Please contact us for a list of current workshops, classes and clubs and/or to request organizational membership if you would like to host a workshop, class or club at Explora.

Cultural Immersion Programs

We are always looking for ways to collaborate with other self-directed learning/ unschooling communities and welcome opportunities to host a group of international self-directed learners to share in our community and participate in our programming. Please contact us if you are interested in exploring an international exchange opportunity. 

* By enrolling your learner in a youth program, you are enrolling in a family membership and are committing to being a part of the Explora Agile Learning Community, where members of all ages (including parents & kids) chart their own learning path by exploring and sharing their unique passions, interests and curiosities. You understand that Explora is not a conventional school, but rather a learning center focused on the mission of building community through self-directed learning. You also commit to exploring ways to engage with the community via workshops, offerings and other opportunities for connection and learning.