Independent Explorers


Explora offers an agile learning center experience for unschooling learners fostering agency, autonomy and independence through free exploration and learning for kids ages 7+. 


We believe in mixed-age learning environments, free play and using the community and our environment to naturally inspire learning. We draw tools from a variety of recognized sources but ultimately we are an agile learning center. The Independent Explorers program has space for up to 14 kids ages 7 (depending on readiness) + and is supported by 2-3 creative facilitators.

Facilitators at Explora are curators of experience. We support learners as they begin to direct their days based on specific interests. We recognize the importance of rhythm and facilitate an environment that empowers learners to follow their curiosity, develop and cultivate skills, and take ownership over their learning. We continually strive to bring in members of the community to collaborate with the learners. The diversity of these offerings is an incredible framework that exposes our learners to a wide variety of learning paths. 

We go on excursions into our surrounding/ local and natural environments at least two times per month. Excursion days are the times we intentionally leave the comfort zone of our center and pursue experiences in the natural and cultural landscape around us. Excursion Days are some of the most exciting and valuable days for connection and learning. 

When possible, we encourage learners to connect with experts or members of the community to further their independent projects. 

We are always gaining new skills through our experiences and projects based on curiosity and in our explorations, we develop habits of lifelong learning that truly prepare us for the future. 

Our Explora community is focused on the principles of trust, access, and responsibility. Our learning center and community are solely supported through the membership fees paid by our families.

(ages 6+)

Monday – Thursday : 10:00am – 2:00pm
(September – August)

Monthly Family Membership = $4,500 Pesos/ learner*
*** Includes monthly learner excursions and family access for parents/ guardians to community center resources including space use, workshops, offerings and other opportunities for connection and learning.



  1. Ensure your educational values align with unschooling &  self-directed model. Research unschooling and self-directed education and spend time listening to our podcast Radical Learning Talks and reading through the ASDE website.
  2. Watch this webinar created by Raising Free People Unschool: “Is an ALC a Great Fit for Your Family?” We have made this free for interested families. You must enroll in the course, select the $5/mo option and add the code EXPLORA-ALC which makes the video free.
  3. After watching the video, complete an application below.
  4. If we feel that values are aligned, we will reach out to schedule an in person/ online interview.
  5. If we decide together that your family may be a good fit for our community (and vice-a-versa), we can then schedule a visiting week to ensure it flows for all before committing to enrollment.
  6. Commitment to enrollment is completing by signing an enrollment agreement. 


Apply for Independent Explorers Here



As we grow, we try to balance accessibility with sustainability. We are always looking at our membership fee process to make sure we’re being responsible to our current families and to the future health of the program. We do everything possible to meet families where they are and supplement membership cost when supporting funds are available. By trusting families to be generous and reasonable we increase our accessibility and the diversity of our community center.

We try never to turn a family away based on finances. There is a space on the application for you to share details about your membership offer if you are unable to pay the full monthly fee. 


By enrolling your learner in a youth program, you are enrolling in a family membership and are committing to being a part of the Explora Agile Learning Community, where members of all ages (including parents & kids) chart their own learning path by exploring and sharing their unique passions, interests and curiosities. You understand that Explora is not a conventional school, but rather an unschooling learning community focused on centering connection, valuing personal choice, mutual support and building consent based & equitable relationships. Families commit to participating in parent meetings, workshops and trainings and explore offerings and other opportunities for connection and learning.